Wildlife Conservation



We are not asking for money, We are asking for your VOICE.

The more people on our side, the fewer animals die.................SPREAD THE WORD.

Whilst animals continue to be killed, whole species are poached to extinction, we want to join hands and ask one question:

Whose Side Are You On?


On Site Protection: The more people visits wildlife safaris in Sanctuaries, the more poachers will be LOST.


Conservation: Engage young people, school children with Workshops and study materials.

Productions: Wildlife film productions to educate people for protecting Wildlife and it's Habitats.

Focus on activities: Securing and enhancing critical habitat lands, Wildlife Protection awareness Camps in local areas.

Rescue and rehabilitation of Orphaned and Injured animals.

Promoting the advancement and well being of local people to ensure long term environmental sustainability.

Specialized Tours

Apart from conservation workshops, we also offer a wide variety of specialized tour services. Each tour has been tailor made so as to enable each client to derive utmost enjoyment and having a memorable experience.

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Bird Watching Holidays
White water Rafting
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