Events We Organize


An event for managers and employees of the company, where general public can be involved.

Product Launch

Create awareness for launching of new product / services by having a launch party for your clients, at the same time generate media coverage.

Share Holders Meet

These events are held to keep shareholders updated about company issues and to take care of any other business as per the agenda.

Award Ceremonies

The employees put in their best efforts to meet targets, and in appreciation, an event to honour them will certainly boost up their moral towards better result.

Client Appreciation Parties

Customer retention is vitally important for the growth of an organization and should always be the primary focus for the business. Appreciate their loyalty by hosting an event just for them.

VIP Event

Every customer is important, but there are always those who put in that extra effort towards the growth of the company. Make them feel special. Exclusive VIP event only for them.

Business Dinner & Banquets

Dinners can be held for multiple reasons. Make it informal by simply getting together with employees and clients over dinner.

Press Conference

Press conference is of vital importance for reaching out to your existing customers and beyond for new ventures which are in the pipeline. It goes a long way towards creating market awareness.

Holiday Parties

The holidays present the perfect opportunity to throw a great party where you can invite clients, prospects, media members, and employees.

Charity Functions

Charity events highlight your brand in a positive way, attract media attention, and allow you to give something back to an important cause.

Stage Show

There are countless number of ways to entertain clients and employees by arranging various types of cultural events.

Leisure Day Out

Organising a leisure trip for the employees with their family where they can utilise the day for relaxation, diversion, socialising, and family bonding.


Exhibitions are an important tool of advertising for any commercial domain. It helps in reaching out to larger client base both existing and new in lesser time, and awareness is created of any new product / services or any such positive affairs of the companies. Apart from the corporate segment, exhibitions are also an excellent platform for eminent personalities from the field of art, who can showcase their creativity and at the same time interact with the prospective buyers and visitors at the exhibition At Festiivent we have structured a systematic approach as per specific requirements of our clients.